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Trampling domination action

Trampling cartoon

When you worship and admire her so much it literally takes your breath away, you really want to become the ground beneath her feet so that she could grace you with the traces of her royal feet as she strolls carelessly. Well, this is much less of an ephemeral fantasy than one may think at first! The pinnacle of feeling her feet exude power, grace and domination is trampling, the erotic obsession of being very literally under her feet. When the Mistress lands her feet on your sensitive areas, moving her entire weight onto you, this pressure can be world's greatest sensation. If you often feel like you could be a mere worm under her royal feet, we have a feeling our fine selection of femdom artwork done in a number of techniques covering the most erotically stimulating types of trampling is something you should surely explore.

Trampling domination

Erotic trampling seems to be closely tied with foot fetish, as well as with admiration of different types of sexy footwear, like high heels, stiletto heels, leather boots and such. Some prefer their Dommes to step on them and to crush their flesh in a sensual way while being barefoot. The touch of the naked skin of the sole and the toes really drives the heat up a few notches creating a whole new dimension for fantasizing. Dominating a man by trampling him wearing footwear is a whole different thing with a different context and sensations of its own. Leather boots, sometimes with sharp high heels, are a common accessory, and this really sends you into subspace, having your body trampled by a merciless Mistress wearing this classic fetish lifestyle garb. In fact, there's a lot more to trampling than just that. Imagine feet dolled up in sensual nylon squeezing your flesh from above. Trampling in pantyhose or stockings is commonplace, and it really adds to the experience. As does, in fact, trampling in all kinds of socks and other garments worn on feet. This is a very special thing for sure. It's not just about being under a weight of a beautiful lady, it's also getting the accessories she chose herself pressed hard against your body. What, really, could be more intimate and rewarding for a submissive man?

Mistress trampling cartoons

A lady who is trampling a willing bottom with her feet, whether bare or not, is a sight to behold, really. Pay attention how she lights up with this radiance, the grace of a powerful woman who literally has a man, once strong, at her feet - or even right under them! When she really gives herself to the flow of sensations and the domination experience, she gets even more beautiful than before. It takes an artist to capture that moment of ultimate realization, of the best possible affirmation of her status - and hey, we're all about artists here at FemdomDraw!

Trampling as an artistic subject and a component of female domination practices and lifestyle is no easier to capture and portray than all the other activity types. In fact, trampling lovers would probably say it's even more difficult. We're proud to say that here at FemdomDraw we do our absolute best to try and select the best artwork we can that would satisfy those of our members who are into trampling. Whatever tastes and preferences they may have! With every style and artwork type that we cover here, you can expect enough series featuring trampling in all its forms and kinds to be portrayed with knowledge of the scene, unique artistic style and best possible visual quality. Start celebrating your trampling obsessions right now!

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