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Spanked male slaves dominition

Ponyboy cartoon

Remember what happened when you were a kid and you were being a bad, naughty, horrible boy? That's right, you got your silly miserable ass spanked! And as the burning sensation of the slaps were fading away from your behind, you, having found the whole thing to be strangely enjoyable, were sealed with kink forever. Of course, you hadn't realized it back then. But if now you are turned on by getting your buttocks struck by a powerful Mistress, this is for sure. You like being disciplined with a bit of corporal punishment which affirms the powerful status of the Domme - and confirms that you are a boy craving to be slapped some sense into! After all, being rude, lazy and inappropriate should never go unpunished. Not when there's an authority figure always ready to administer some serious slapping to your burning butt, to make you bare your bottom, bend over and listen to the sensations rushing through your body as her hand (or cane, or paddle, or crop, or anything else from her arsenal) lands on your sensitive flesh one time after another, endlessly.

Adult femdom spanking is a very serious and popular practice which has many admirers. Many men and many women find pain to be one of the strongest aphrodisiacs. Add guilt and the gratification of being punished and disciplined for a reason, and you have some of the most sensual experiences a submissive can get.

Ponyboy cartoon

Getting paddled, caned, whipped by a gorgeous woman, a strong female authority figure and a Mistress who won't take any bullshit from you is an experience many men crave for. Erotic spanking is something which does not require any special equipment to practice and enjoy it - but if you spice things up with different punishment devices, some bondage, perhaps, roleplay and what not, this can truly become an unforgettable experience. Things can be taken to a really refined level, with a variety of spanking benches, spanking costumes and choosing between different positions for erotic spanking. Really, as one of the oldest discipline and punishment techniques mankind has come up with, spanking has many sides, forms and cultural contexts. Set your mind free and explore the joys of surrendering all control into the hands of your chosen Mistress and becoming this helpless, sobbing, sorry boy again - so willing to please, so turned on, and feeling even guiltier because of it. Admit it, you were actually aroused! That's how the whole spanking fetish got rooted into you in the first place. Now, a fully grown adult, you still require that regular humiliation, losing all control and just facing the consequences of your wrongdoings. Let's face it, you're still that naughty boy who needs spanking on a regular basis, he needs a woman to take charge and spit insults and scoldings at him while landing her firm hand on his bare buttocks. And that's great!

FemdomDraw constantly strives to satisfy your constant need of expanding your horizons and exploring new territories of erotic and fetish spanking. We are also fully aware how many people within the kinkster community and beyond are fascinated with the flavor spanking brings into D/s relationships. This is why we try to cover all types of spanking with the finest female domination themed artwork that we can only find and obtain from our exclusive artists! We hope you like what we have so far, and be sure we'll be adding more on a regular basis.

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