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Ponyboy domination scenes

Ponyboy cartoon

Oh, the so special and so mind-blowing and rewarding world of ponyplay! You did enjoy playing horsey as a kid, didn't you? The feeling of purpose combined with simple tasks and no need to speak and do so much of other boring and complicated stuff humans do really resonated with you. We know how it feels. You've probably grown to love or at least appreciate all things equine, and even though you are not a child anymore and everything is different in your life, it does not mean the door to these pleasures and games is now forever shut tight.

Ponyplay is when your Mistress wants to ride a strong, obedient horse - and you want to oblige her. It's really a highly rewarding feeling, carrying her on your back, obeying her orders, and just being the good hard-working horse you have always wanted to be. But hey, it can only sound simple, the reality is that it's not simple at all!

Femdom ponyboy hands-draw

Ponyplay starts with pony training, and only ponyboys who have gone through it become the kind of ponyboys who can bring joy and fun to their Mistresses - and satisfaction to themselves. Ponyboy training includes a lot of things like practicing your perfect stance and behavior, making sure you are physically able to carry your Mistress, and getting used to things like collars, crops and even reins as well. Sometimes these can be attached to your sensitive spots like nipples for deeper submission and more ways to control you with bolts of pain.

So, the ponyboy world is not as simple as it may sound. Truth is, it's not a simple practice at all. Even after long hours have been spent training to be the perfect ponyboy your Mistress expects you to be, there are so many things to take care afterwards. In serious ponyplay relationships, the owner and the one who takes care of the ponyboy don't have to be one and the same person. Ponyboy groomers exist, too, in charge of making sure the ponyboy is in perfect condition to serve and please at all times. There is something else about ponyplay which is really special - breeding. That's right, just like in the real horse ownership world, ponyboys and ponygirls can breed, of course, if their owner allows them to. This is probably the ponyplay peak only the chosen ones have experienced, but nobody is stopping you but yourself, you know!

Ponyboy for Mistresses

As you see now, being a ponyboy is not at all easy. Good physique, a deep desire to submit and plenty of hard work are necessary to become that perfect ponyboy your Mistress will always enjoy riding. In the femdom world, ponyplay and all sorts of ponyboy experiments are on the more refined side of the activity spectrum. With Femdom Draw and our collection of diverse and mind-boggling femdom artwork, you can get the inspiration required to enter the ponyplay world - or get some tips to make your ponyboy career a more rewarding experience. In fact, you don't have to actually be a ponyboy at all. It's a huge thrill just experiencing the art form of it, imagining what kind of a ponyboy you would be and how you would follow the orders of the Domme and neigh when she hits you with her fast, merciless crop. Explore all the subtleties of ponyplay by taking a plunge into the drawings, comics, toons and 3D artwork Femdom Draw has to offer. We are fully aware what a refined, out-of-the-ordinary experience ponyplay is, and we do our best to cover this area with the best quality femdom art we only can.

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