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Male humiliation porn scenes

Power is pretty much the driving energy behind just about everything in human history. We're pretty sure there will be no argument here. Good or bad, small or huge, pleasing or punishing, power gives birth to a lot of things, and of course, power, with all its knee-weakening potential, has always been extremely sexy and sensual. Throwing yourself at the feet of someone perfect, adorable and powerful, surrender all control you may have had over yourself and your life, let a superior mind lead you somewhere you've never been, this is what happens when a power play spark runs between a Domme and a sub. And with this, nothing really compares to the powerful emotions of being humiliated and demeaned by this power. After all, this is how one shows his extreme submission!

Femdom humiliation

Humiliation is an electrifying element of power play in D/s context, and it is a huge and important layer of everything known as female domination. A superior, beautiful, graceful Lady spitting degrading orders at her servant who is a mere piece of easily controlled manmeat right now, this idea is the ultimate turn-on for just so many men. Going through the misery of erotic humiliation which can take just so many forms really kicks you out of your former self and takes your purest forms to beautiful places you could have not explored otherwise.

Doggy-boy femdom

Depending on particular scenarios and preferences of the Domme and her slave, the humiliation they practice can take a whole variety of forms. Many enjoy the demeaning feel of verbal humiliation, whether alone or mixed with other humiliation types. When a beautiful Mistress, perfect in every way, throws verbal insults at you, belittles you, laces you with confirmations of your physical and mental inadequacy and just plain abuses you, the shame blends with the thrill and the submissive feelings to create a very pure, chastising experience. Scold and sexy begin with the same letter for a reason, apparently. She has never looked more distantly gorgeous and powerful than when ridiculing, scolding and humiliating you like the dirty little kid that you are.

The physical side of erotic humiliation is extremely diverse and multi-faceted as well. It does not even has to be sexual - but the experience is still highly erotic, sometimes even more erotic than with activities of direct sexual nature. Performing tasks for her, exactly in the manner she wishes, even becoming her furniture or ash tray, these things are as humiliating as they are rewarding for any proper slave. And of course when the sexual side kicks in, this totally blows your mind away. Satisfying her sexual needs is a really thrilling task to handle as you turn into a selfless sex toy who mindlessly performs tasks, sometimes really degrading, only to get your Mistress off. Foot worship, cunnilingus, licking her buttocks, anus, even boots, all this can be highly rewarding - and really demeaning as well. Sexual denial is yet another facet of it, with denied orgasm, or, on the other end of the spectrum, masturbation at her request.

Femdom Draw is here to let you explore all the incredibly sensual types of humiliation which turn you into a whole different human being for a while, give your existence a very special purpose - and can really prove to be highly satisfying, both sexually and in tons of other ways. See our collection of comics, toons, drawings, 3D and other incredible stuff and find your perfect humiliating ritual!

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