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Foot fetish domination scenes

Foot worshipping

If there was just one spot on the Mistress' body, one part of it you could cherish and worship the most, what would it be? We think many of you would say feet, and we completely agree with you here. Probably nothing speaks class, grace and refined sensuality better than a pair of smooth, well-groomed, delicious-looking feet. This is right where you want to be, at the Domme's feet, worshipping and pleasing them - if you are allowed to, of course!

Admiration and obsession with feet, fine toes and soles has been around for many years and has been celebrated in many forms of art, whether visual, literature, and beyond. It is really hard to imagine a body part or area with so many different subcontexts, meanings and aspects surrounding it. You don't have to be a complete foot freak to feel this gratifying emotion of adoring beautiful feet and playing with them - this is a really universal thing rooted in this or that way in most of us! From more distant and sensual foot worship all the way to heated, steamy foot play including its kinkier, more intense varieties, there is a bit of foot fetish play for everyone.

Where does this thing stem from? It's really hard to say. How do men develop that thing for lovely female feet, toes and soles? Maybe it's playing barefoot as a kid, or massaging feet at your mother's or other close people's request. Who knows. The truth is, so many men are revealing themselves as foot fetishists at least a bit these days. It's all over pop culture, too, you just gotta give it a bit of extra attention! Feet are all over the place, gorgeous, lovely naked female feet, they are in movies, on magazine covers, in photo shoots and just about everywhere else they can be.

Femdom foot fetish

And this expression, throw yourself at her feet - isn't it what you really feel like doing when you see a domineering woman who put some emphasis on the beauty of her feet in this or that way? There's a sensual thing going on, she doesn't have to be too candid about it. But just a slight accent down there, fancy shoes, perhaps, or being barefoot, or anything else, and there's a whole new thing going on. The beauty of the feet, the fine curves of the arch, the superiorly soft texture of the sole, the graceful toes, all this gorgeousness just overwhelms you, and there you are, a dedicated foot servant of your Mistress!

Needless to say, all sorts of foot play have found their place under the umbrella of female domination practices. Not just the foot thing, pure as it is, the obsession with feet also blends with other fetishes and urges and enriches them, like admiration of high heeled shoes, these piercing stiletto things which look as if they could go right through your flesh. Or trampling and crushing where the delicate texture of a foot turns into a menacing weapon which could please or destroy, entirely depending on the fancy of the Mistress. Or even rough, dominating foot play when a slave is urged to kiss, suck, almost swallow the feet of his Domme, shoved in his mouth. Exploring the rougher side of it, we may even discover footing, fisting's kinkier relative, an area not for the faint-hearted for sure.

As it is with other obsessions and fetishes, we are constantly trying to embrace all we can with our selection of female domination themed artwork here at Femdom Draw. From cartoon-like stories of joyful, half-serious foot play to scenes of dark, intense, elevating foot domination and worship, we got different artists exploring different areas of it all - in a whole range of different styles!

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