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Femdom facesitting toon action

Femdom facesitting

A gorgeous woman who combines character, power and grace is really like a queen. Or maybe not even like, maybe she is a real queen of your world, ruling it without limits and never taking no for an answer? Who knows. What we are sure of is that whenever you see a lady who combines all things royal, you do see a royal radiance all around her. A desire to submit comes naturally when such a queen sits on a throne in your world. And when you take things to a more sensual, kinkier side, don't you want her throne to be your face..? We know you do, and this is exactly where the whole facesitting thing comes from. Otherwise why would they call it queening, right? Yes, this is nothing but speculation here on our part, but hey, the entire femdom thing is very much imagination-powered, so we didn't do anything wrong!

Facesitting is an extremely sensual thing which combines a multitude of facets and factors which create a truly comprehensive experience. Erotic humiliation takes its ultimate form as a Mistress bares her most sacred places and grinds them into your face. What could be more intimate than this, really? The Queen is seated and its up to the one whose face she sits on to deliver. However hard it may be - and you are completely at the Mistress' mercy here. She can make things hard if she wants. The pressure, the air deprivation, the humiliation blend all together creating a powerful, flavorsome mix you may not be even ready to handle!

Facesitting and erotic smothering have been an element of D/s play for a really long time, and with all that, it's not surprising these found their reflection in femdom-themed art. Femdom Draw here is doing its best to become your ultimate source of female domination artwork; therefore we pay special attention so that such an important element of femdom play as smothering is fully represented in our collection. As it is with other elements of the femdom lifestyle and practices, we try to cover facesitting with the entire range of artwork types - and moods, too. Start with less serious, more fun-oriented cartoons which feature women sitting on male faces in a playful, teasing manner. Then, when this becomes too vanilla, you can start exploring the more serious, darker, even drawings where things take a whole new turn. Men become man-meat and women become queens of erotic humiliation, always willing to crush a new face under the weight, fragrance and moisture of their satisfaction-craving pussies. Whatever kind of queening and smothering you prefer and however deep you are immersed into the D/s and kinky lifestyle, Femdom Draw is always ready to showcase more than a few drawn gems with gorgeous ladies, submissive men and the ever-popular facesitting play. It can be more casual, with no devices or restraints used, or it can be really serious with a device known as a smotherbox used to locked the submissive for the Mistress' perverse purposes!

MMistresses in the red stockings sit on male face

Did you know facesitting actually has a physiological component to it? As it turns out, it's not just the power play thing, there is another factor which makes queening so pleasurable for the lady - and this is what's really important, right? Science says in this position certain pelvic muscles are relaxed to their ultimate point, and this allows for maximum stimulation of the labia. Great to know your Mistress has yet another reason to honor your face by turning it into a throne of orgamic pleasure for herself, right?

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