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Zeml - Parodies artist of FemdomDraw

Artist's style: Zeml employs a variety of techniques to depict beautiful, powerful women in female domination scenarios which feature worship, slave training, bondage, ponyboy play and much more. His Dommes are very special, combining strong feminine traits with a superhero presence, which, we guess, stems from Zeml's mainstream work. Some of his artworks combine manually drawn characters with further digital enhancement. Other creations are entirely digital in their nature, but whatever it is, you know there's always a sensual adventure lying ahead of you. Zeml mixes strong, detailed realism with imagination-powered fantasy for a comprehensive, all-embracing femdom art experience.

Sample works:

Foot fetish artworks

Description: She would request the most expensive drinks, ridiculously expensive, even. Unless he delivered, he wasn't allowed to worship her gorgeous feet in expensive shoes, no less gorgeous. Of course he paid for the shoes, too!

Femdom cartoons parodies

Description: Damn gringos and their rifles! Let's see how he would handle some combat up and close. Well, he wasn't handling it very well already, whimpering in her strong, sexy, brown-colored hands like a little bitch...

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