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Olivera - Cartoons artist of FemdomDraw

Artist's style:With a volume of exclusive work this large as Olivera's, it's not always easy to categorize and place what he does. Olivera blends comic-like style with great attention to detail which at times captures the subtleties of sub-Domme relationships with breathtaking accuracy. Most of his work we feature here at FemdomDraw starts as manually made sketches, and then, when the artist's digital skill starts working, these sketches turn into full-bodied, multi-dimensional works. The simplicity of these artworks is just the first impression. Keep looking, and tiny yet rich details will capture you in all their complexity. Olivera is really great at depicting powerful, unique female figures combining realistic and not so realistic traits.

Sample works:

Femdom foot fetish artworks

Description: Her feet were particularly sensitive to touch, whether it was her servant's tongue or anything else. She always had him worship the feet with the tongue though. He could touch only the shoes...

Femdom artworks

Description: She would position her slaveboys on their knees, their wrists cuffed, a heavy steel table on their backs, and her on that table, the Queen, the beautiful, the powerful. With every session she would spent more time like this.

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