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Kris - Drawings artist of FemdomDraw

Artist's style: Specializing in drawings with little to no digital processing in them, Kris uses his classical artistic training and high quality supplies to create works with sensuality and dimension in them. Whether black and white or colored, his drawings convey a strong feeling and feature mysterious Dommes which are refined and beautiful. Kris is the kind of artist which makes you want frame his works and put them on your wall, giving the room a delicious boudoir feel. Who knows, maybe Kriss will start working in this format in the future - for now, enjoy his graceful Mistresses and exclusive works for FemdomDraw.

Sample works:

Femdom worship Drawnings

Description: She grabbed him by his hair and shoved his face into her crack from behind. She didn't need much force for that; he was willing to serve her womanhood so much. Her eyes were blazing with powerful fire as she was getting pleased...

Drawn Worshipping

Description: He could feel the fragrance coming through the thin fabric of her panties as her legs, dipped in glowing black nylon, squeezed his neck harder and harder. It felt as if he could not get any closer, but yet every thrust buried his face deeper...

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